Volunteer /Community Service Information

Interested in volunteering at the Pottstown Regional Public Library? 

All volunteers/community service workers must be 14 years or older. All volunteers must have their clearances completed as described below. When bringing in your completed volunteer application make sure you have copies of your completed clearances. Having your clearances completed before submitting the application allows us to get you scheduled faster. 

Click here to download our Juvenile Volunteer application (ages 14-17)

Click here to download our Adult Volunteer application (ages 18+)

Click here to download our Community Service Application.

If you have any questions please email: ysdeptpottstownlibrary@mclinc.org (questions for volunteers 14-17) or pottstownlibrary@mclinc.org (questions for volunteers 18+)

If you are interested in Community Service hours please download and complete the community service application. All community service workers are required to provide copies of their clearances before they can be considered for service hours. 

Clearance Information

ALL Staff and volunteers who routinely interact with children need clearances every 60 months (five years). This includes performers. Regular performers should be aware of this, however, we do need to ask and request a copy prior to them performing.

Volunteers ages 14-17 only need PA State Police Criminal History and Child Abuse History Clearances.

ALL Staff 14 and older and Volunteers 18 and older need the following:

FBI fingerprinting: Employee Code: 1KG756 – Volunteer Code: 1KG6ZJ

You can register for an appointment to be fingerprinted two ways:

Online: Go to www.Identogo.com

Telephone: Call 1-844-321-2101 and listen to the options menu.

All applicants will also need to refer to the list of acceptable identification documents.

Applicants must present one of the identification documents at the Idemia fingerprinting location

Pennsylvania Services | Identogo

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Checks for Employment (SPA-164) or Volunteers (SPA-164A)

Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History – Home (state.pa.us)

There are two methods of requesting a Pennsylvania Criminal record.

  • Online Request · The Pennsylvania State Police have established a web-based computer application called “Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History,” (PATCH). Results are received immediately when applied for online.
  • Submitting a Request Form
  • Download the Criminal History Request Form – SP4-164 (Updated 12/2017)
  • Download the Criminal History Request Form: Volunteer Only- SP4- 164A (Updated 12/2017)
  • Download the Individual Access and Review Request Form – SP4-170 (Updated 12/2017) If you have questions about the Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Checks form for employment (SP4 164) or to volunteer (SP4-164A), please call: (717) 783-9973 or toll free 1-888-783-7972.

Child Abuse History Clearance (CY113)

Pennsylvania Child Welfare Information Solution (state.pa.us)

The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History clearance can be submitted and paid for online through the Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) self-service portal. Submitting an application online allows individual applicants to receive their results through an automated system that will notify them once their results have been processed. Applicants will be able to view and print their results online.have co