Test Proctoring

The Library will proctor written, emailed, or online examinations.  Charges for this service include:

  • $15.00 proctoring fee for unsupervised testing
  • $40.00 proctoring fee for supervised testing
  • A cost recovery fee for any printing required by the exam
  • A cost recovery fee for any faxing required by the exam
  • A cost recovery fee for any postage/shipping required by the exam

Appointments are required for this service.  Please call or email the library to schedule an appointment. A minimum of 1 week (one week) notice has to be provided for any test requests to make sure we have the appropriate staffing needs.

Students must schedule a time during library operating hours.  The test must be completed 30 minutes before the library closes. 

The student is responsible for ensuring that the exam and other required materials are sent to the proctor from the learning institution before arriving to take the test.  Library computers will not be modified to accomodate online tests.  Installation of any special software needed to take the exam will not be allowed.

The student must arrive for the test with a current photo I.D. that matches the name on the testing materials.  The student must bring all supplies needed to take the test (i.e. scratch paper, pen,  pencil, calculator).  The proctor will not enter any personal information on the proctoring forms.

Proctors will enforce time limits or other rules set forth in the exam materials, however the proctor will not sit with the student for the length of the exam.

We will not add or change programs to our public computers. We recommend that you come in and check prior to your testing appointment that links and items will open and work.