Notary Services at Pottstown Regional Public Library

*Not accepting Notary appointments at this time*

All Notary Public services are available by appointment only.
Schedule an appointment by calling 610-970-6551 x104. The staff at the circulation desk will direct your call to the appropriate person. 

Melinda Lee Lipsky: Notary Public – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Montgomery County
Notary Commission Number: 1305568
Commission Expires: February 14th, 2025

Allison Marie Heebner: Notary Public – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Montgomery Conty
Notary Commission Number: 1427593
Commission Expires: October 10th, 2026

Legal Disclaimer Statement: I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

Notary Fees 2021

Acknowledgements: $5 for first signature $2 for each additional signature

Affidavits: $5 for all signatures

Certified Copy Certificates: $5 per certified copy

Oaths/Affirmations: $5 per individual taking oath

Depositions: $3 per page

Verifications: $5

Protests: $3 per page – extra support is needed for protests

Clerical and Administration Fees

Photo copies: higher amount of current library fees or amount listed below

Black and White copies: 15 cents per page, Color Copies: 50 cents per page

Fees for Notary Forms Provided by the Library:

Note: you must have an acceptable notarial form or one will be provided for a fee.

Individual Acknowledgement form $3 per form

Jurat with Affiant Statement form $3 per form

Copy Certification Form $3 per form

Pottstown Regional Public Library’s Notary Public is NOT a PennDOT authorized agent and cannot notarize title transfers. For more information about transferring an auto title in Pennsylvania, please click here for a PDF from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Thanks for understanding.