Meeting Room Rules & Agreement

Pottstown Regional Public Library has space in our Mezzanine and our Community Room available for use by the public when not in use by the library. The needs of the library will take precedence over those of outside groups. 

  1. Arrangements to use the Meeting Room must be made in advance. Preferably 2 weeks or more. 
  2. The Meeting Room is available between the following hours:
    • Monday-Wednesday 11:00am -7:00pm
    • Thursday-Friday 11:00am -5:00pm
    • Saturday 10:00am -3:00pm
  3. The costs to use the Meeting Room are as follows:
    • Non-profits, not charging admission: No fee, donation preferred
    • Non-profits, charging admission: $25.00
    • For-profit groups: $50.00
  4. A group must request/confirm any changes to the reservation at least three (3) days prior to your event including but not limited to: Change in time, Equipment needed, Furniture needed, Increase in anticipated attendence.
  5. The group using the Meeting Room is responsible for setting up tables, chairs, and equipment. A podium, projector screen, and white board are available to use with prior notice.
  6. The group using the Meeting Room is responsible for returning the Meeting Room to its original arrangement at the conclusion of the event.
  7. Prior permission is required to eat or drink in the Meeting Room.
  8. There is NO SMOKING/VAPING or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in/on Pottstown Regional Public Library property. 
  9. A dollar-for-dollar reimbursement is required for any damage done to any property owned by the Pottstown Regional Public Library.
  10. The organization or civic group reserving the Meeting Room and any of its persons attending the meeting hereby unconditionally agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Pottstown Regional Public Library, its staff, and directors from any and all liability that might arise as a result of their allowing organization or civic group to utilize the Meeting Room facility. 
  11. Those who reserve and use the Meeting Room are subject to the direction of the Pottstown Regional Public Library’s staff at all times and hereby agree to abide by any and all policies and procedures implemented by the Pottstown Regional Public Library and its staff, including but not limited to COVID and post pandemic rules. 
  12. Any violation of the terms mentioned above shall be sufficient cause for cancellation of your organization’s use of the facilities. 

Please click here to download the Meeting Room Form, and complete it. Return the form to the library either in person or by email at with Meeting Room Use as the subject. 

Make sure to keep a copy of the room form for your files. 

Filling out a room request form does not guarantee room usage. You will be contacted by library staff after it has been approved.

Community Room: 

The community room is located in our Youth Services Department. This room has a projector, screen, and white board. 

Size and how many it holds information coming soon. 

Picture of the community room.


The mezzanine is located on the balcony level of the library.  This room has a screen that can be used for presentations.  There are tables and chairs that can be used to set up  different configurations. 

Size and how many it holds information coming soon.