Welcome, Paige the Library Mascot!

Welcome Paige the Octopus mascot!
Picture of the stuffed mascot being used for Paige.

Paige’s Story

Paige the Octopus lived deep in the Atlantic Ocean. When they were still a little octopus, Paige discovered a collection of books inside a shipwreck and learned how to read by tracing the letters printed on each page.

Inspired by pictures in Atlases and navigation books, Paige swam through the ocean to explore. One day, Paige travelled all the way to the Schuylkill River! From the river, Paige crossed the Hanover Street Bridge and made their way down High Street. After all their travels, Paige was starting to feel tired. They missed their book collection and letters. They wanted a safe place to visit—and if there were books, all the better! Paige found themselves outside of a grand building. The letters on front of the building spelled out, Pottstown Regional Public Library.

Paige walked in with the morning book delivery and looked around Library. Paige explored everything—from the Children’s Department to the Main Floor and the Balcony, from picture books to novels and guidebooks, to movies and computers. Paige could even get a passport to travel the world by plane!

Paige was so happy to find endless options available at the library!

One day, Paige decided to visit the librarians at the Main Desk. The librarians had seen many types of patrons before, but never an Octopus! The librarians helped Paige sign up for their first library card.

Paige was so happy to finally join the library! Everyone was happy to see Paige there every day!

One day, the Director asked Paige if they would be interested in being the library’s mascot. Paige was thrilled! Paige is happy to show everyone all the wonders of the Pottstown Regional Public Library!