Current Fundraisers


The Pottstown Regional Public Library needs your help! The cost of running the library has increased drastically over the past 2 years, yet our funding from the state of Pennsylvania and our 4 local municipalities** has either remained the same or has been cut. Our staff is dedicated to our local community, therefore we want to help keep our doors open!  You will find a variety of NEW fundraisers to help us offset the increased costs.  Check back regularly to see how you can help us raise funds to keep the library’s doors open and thriving!

**Changes by municipality

-Pottstown Borough: The borough is giving us the same 3%, but their tax income has reduced, so that effects our amount as well. 

-Lower Pottsgrove: Giving has remained the same with no increase.

-Upper Pottsgrove: Cut from $32,000 in 2020 to $5,000 in 2021, unsure of 2022

-West Pottsgrove: Cut from $20,000 in 2019 to $10,000 in 2021, unsure of 2022. 

Thank you for considering helping!

Ways you can help!

-Monetary donations: Monthly, or ongoing donations are even better.

-Talk to your commissioner for your municipalities about how great the library is and ask them to consider increasing funding. 

-Participate in our monthly fundraisers.

-Let us know of any corporations in our area that are looking to give back to their community!

-Let our staff know how much you appreciate them! A kind word goes a LONG way when we are short staffed!


Our ongoing fundraiser is the gachapon!

What is Gachapon you ask? It’s a prize machine in our youth services department, that has a variety of prizes such as T-shirts, books, small stuffed animals, keychains, toys, and more! Prizes are updated regularly!

At the main circulation desk, you can purchase Gachapon token tickets.  

Token Prices:

  • 1 token – $0.50
  • 2 tokens – $1.00
  • 5 tokens – $2.00
  • 10 tokens – $4.00
  • 15 tokens -$5.00

Once you have your ticket, come to the Youth Services Department to exchange the ticket for a token to put in the machine and get your prize.  Tickets do not have to be redeemed the day they are purchased. 

If you want a custom coupon/ticket book inquire in the Youth Services Department. Cost will be for a book of 25 coupons plus $7.50 for processing. 

Gachapon fundraiser. Buy coupons to exchange for tokens to win prizes.

Library Bag!

For a minimum $5.00 donation you will receive a Pottstown Regional Public Library reinforced tote bag! Carry your holds home with style!

Ask the front desk for more information and to receive your bag!

Pottstown Library Honor Wall

Pottstown Regional Public Library is proud to announce a new “Honor Wall” display case located on the Main Floor of the library honoring local citizens and groups!

Special thanks goes out to Whitegate Contracting for the free installation of the Honor Wall. 

Special thanks also goes out to Howard and Shirley Kalis for getting the brass plaques polished and ready for installation. 

There are 54 Brass Plaques available for purchase to honor a person or a group of your choice. 

Stop in during library hours to view the Honor Wall and pick up a form from the front desk. 

Size & Price:
Large (Green form): $2000
Medium Tall (Pink form): $1000
Medium Short (Blue form): $500
Short (Yellow form): $200

Honor Wall Fundraising Opportunity. Contact the library for more information.