Are you looking for a new read? Look no further than Miss Caitlin’s booktalks. Every month there will be a new presentation with a variety of books and genres. 

Book Talk New Twists on Classic Stories
New Twists on Classic Stories
Juvenile & YA Graphic Novels Booktalk Link takes you to a PDF
Juvenile and YA Graphic Novels
April is National Poetry Month! Check out some of these poetry collections from Miss Caitlin. Click picture for to open a PDF.
April is National Poetry Month
Happy Endings Only. Click the picture to be taken to a PDF of books with Happy Endings.
Happy Endings Only!
PrideBookTalk-Youth Services Department
LGBTQ Pride Month
Popular YA Series!
Popular YA Series
Great Fic/Non-Fic Pairs
Great Fiction/Non-Fiction Pairs
BookTalk: Award Winning YA Novels. Click the photo to download a PDF of award winning YA novels!
Award Winners: YA