1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Bitmoji sign for 1000 books before kindergarten

A 1,000 (thousand) Books Before Kindergarten is an educational initiative with three main goals: to promote early childhood literacy, to prepare young children for kindergarten, and to facilitate family bonding through reading.  

Parents and caregivers may register any child between the ages of 0-5. Any book may be counted and books may be repeated. Repetition is even encouraged as it increases both comprehension and confidence in young children. Keep track on your paper log or in Beanstack.  (The library has a limited number of paper logs available in the Youth Services Department.) In keeping it eco-friendly, we encourage you to track via Beanstack or use the fillable PDF and save a copy to your computer. We do have mini tracking stickers available upon request.

When your child reaches a milestone, let us know and we will set aside a milestone sticker and prize. 

All children who have not entered kindergarten or the equivalent are eligible to register. Participants are not required to be Pottstown Regional Public Library cardholders or residents of Pottstown. However if you would like to request a library card. Click here for details.

Visit 1000 Books Before Kindergarten to learn more about the program.